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ACCIOUR: An Accident Detection System

Acciour is an accident detection and life savior system using Internet of Things

At the end of the day, being alive becomes the topmost priority for anyone in their life span. We can usually see more road tragedies than any good things happening around us. There are many people who lose their precious lives after accidents due to no proper ambulance facility, no one to communicate about the accident to the hospitals or majorly due to getting stuck in the traffic of big cities.

The ACCIOUR-IoT based system helps to overcome these problems. Initially, each vehicle will have a device which activates soon after an accident takes place and sends the location to the close ones and to the main server that holds the information of various nearby ambulances, and hence forwards the location to the ambulance. Ambulance on getting the information can turn on their devices that help the traffic signals along their route to know there’s emergency and hence to clear the traffic as much as possible by turning on their green lights immediately so that the patient is taken from the accident spot and later admitted to hospital within the short duration that is possible. On the way, the ambulance will take a quick check on the patient and send information regarding their present condition even before they reach the hospital so that the hospital doctors are aware of what kind of treatment that has to be provided to the patient who is on the way to their hospital. This system majorly challenges the methodology that is currently adopted and provides a better solution to overcome their limitations.

Overall, ACCIOUR system is all about saving a precious life and the lives of many others who are indirectly connected to them through technology

Published Paper
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A Complete Report -Acciour
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Power Point Presentation
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