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"Revolutionizing Mobility: Empowering Special Journeys with IoT Magic!" 🌟🛒

We know that the needs of many people with disabilities can be overcome with power wheelchair, but some portion of this community is finding it difficult to operate due to many reasons. There are a lot of differently abled people who can’t afford power wheelchairs because of their high costs or due to the fact that they need extra knowledge to drive the wheelchair along.

As per a survey ASIA has a total of 400 million disabled people and in particular INDIA, has 20.68 million people. All these either use the conventional wheelchair or the ones that can afford costly wheelchairs priced over 50,000/- INR. Though we have evolved in the field of health care and technology, but we are still not good enough to solve difficulties of this huge sector of population that cannot afford power wheelchairs.


So, WheelIoT is a way for overcoming these issues and helping out that sector of people who really are in need of such facility. The main objective of this project is to felicitate and increase the movement of people who are handicapped and the ones who are not able to move freely. The System architecture for wheeliot:

Screenshot 2023-10-01 111050.png

Obstacle Be Gone! 🚀

  • A cool interrupt sensor spots obstacles in the way, making sure your path stays clear.

  • When something's up, a piezo speaker creates a ruckus to get your attention—no bumping allowed!

Joystick Joys! 🕹️

  • Use an analog joystick for smooth, two-dimensional control of your rad wheelchair.

  • It's like gaming, but for zooming around in style!


Turbo Boost for Wheels!

  • Our DC geared motor + motor drive IC (L293D) combo gives you the torque to tackle any terrain.

  • Gearing up for speed? You'll have that torque to back it up!

Health Watchdog 🏥

  • Keep tabs on your well-being with nifty sensors!

  • Thermistor temperature sensor watches your temperature, while a pulse sensor keeps an eye on that heart rate.

  • And hey, there's even a panic button for those "whoa, emergency!" moments!


Guardian Angel Alerts 📲

  • Stay connected with a GSM module linking you and your guardian.

  • If things get dicey, your temperature and pulse info zips off in an SMS to your guardian—safety first, always!

Screenshot 2023-10-01 115103.png
Screenshot 2023-10-01 114743.png

This wheelchair isn't just wheels and circuits; it's a next-level joyride with a health-conscious twist! 🌟🛵


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