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Captain Amigo: An Army Robot Using IoT

Captain Amigo is a robot built using Internet of Things, which has the capabilities to camouflage to the surroundings

Nowadays we see a lot of attention is given towards safe guarding our country or in this matter any country at their respective borders. Many army men risk their precious life on the borders of the country to help people have a peaceful night’s sleep without any worry.

Captain AMIGO, is an army robot whose main intention is to save the lives of all the army men on the borders. It plays the role of a CAPTAIN that is leads from front by itself going into the risk prone areas and detecting if there is any danger to the soldiers. Also acts like a detective by taking the live footage of the enemies at the other side of the border and delivers the same to official in charge so that they can see what is happening and have a clear idea about it. This robot camouflages itself according to the surrounding area so that it doesn’t become all the way more evident to the enemies about its existence. With these been its key features it also has many other components like PIR sensor, Gas sensor, Metal sensor to find out more about the enemies place and also checks if our country’s army men will remain safe if they walk-in by the same path.

Published Paper
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Complete Report
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Powerpoint Presentation
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