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Computer Graphics Game: Missionaries & Cannibals

A popular AI game built with computer graphics

The missionaries and cannibals problem, is a classic river-crossing problem. It is a well-known toy problem in artificial intelligence that can be defined as follows-

“On one bank of a river are three missionaries and three cannibals. There is one boat available that can hold up to two people and that they would like to use to cross the river. If the cannibals ever outnumber the missionaries on either of the river’s banks, the missionaries will get eaten.

How can the boat be used to safely carry all the missionaries and cannibals across the river?”

The first known appearance of the river-crossing problems was The Jealous Husbands problem in the medieval time, the formulation with missionaries and cannibals did not appear until the end of the 19th century. The same game built using computer graphics.

Missionaries & Cannibals POSTER
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