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CosmoPAWlitan Management System

A one stop site for grooming, adoption, donations of dogs

Dog parents find it often difficult for nourishing their dogs with proper requirements and enroll their dogs into fun-filled activities. So, GROOMING for dogs, various upcoming EVENTS, an ADOPTION CENTER, DONATING for the welfare of stray dogs with an encyclopedia about the wags will be a solution for nurturing them as a whole.

Hence, COSMOPAWLITAN MANAGEMENT will provide a solution to all the problems a dog parent faces.

Various adoption of breeds and their delivery to the doorsteps can be achieved through this. Also, focuses on keeping the dog healthier and much cleaner. Many safety precautionary ideas and the various ways to help them stay fit is provided through a blog.

Therefore, as a whole it is a complete need of the hour for someone who is parenting their

dog for the very first time and also for the well-versed dog parents

A Complete Report- CosmoPAWlitan
Download PDF • 6.10MB

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